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What is FarmShots?

FarmShots is a platform to display satellite & drone imagery

Reduce scouting effort by as much as 90%

Monitor plant health through NDVI imagery and effectively detect plant heath or stress. Map out potential signs of diseases, pests, and poor nutrition for scouting, reducing the area that needs to be covered by hand as much as 90%. Send a link from the FarmShots website to any smartphone, access the GPS location and display the NDVI image of the field on a map to perform the scouting event.

Reduce fertilizer application by as much as 40%

Identify areas of stress and create a prescription map by tracing the area you want to target. Upload the selected area directly to the John Deere Operation Center and send to a machine. Fertilizer will only be applied to the selected areas of the field reducing the total amount of resources used.

Make Data Driven and Cost Effective Decisions

Use data to help direct operations and identify factors influencing yield. Monitor effectiveness of farming practices and performance regardless of location. FarmShots has the ability to send the image directly to the John Deere Operation Center to view longside of yield maps or other documentation from John Deere equipment.

Advantages of FarmShots

  • Monitor and identify healthy or stressed areas. Increase performance by determining the factors influencing yield within each field.

  • Built-in prescription creator makes it easy to mark and target areas on images then load directly to the John Deere Operations Center.

  • Choose from a variety of NDVI¬†satellite imagery:
    • Landsat is a free version, provides 20 meters per pixel resolution
    • Sentinel is a free version, provides 10 meters per pixel resolution
    • Blackbridge Constellation, provides 5 meters per pixel resolution
    • Planet Constellation, provides 3 meter per pixel resolution

  • FarmShots makes it easy to utilize all of the data available including current and past satellite imagery.

  • Multiple algorithms display data through the visual spectrum or RGB to ensure agronomic information accurately reflects what happened in the field.
Use in the field and out

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